In the outskirts of Delhi, the second biggest city of India, plastic bags are collected by 'ragpickers'. From these plastic rags, new bags and other accessories are made in a local company.

Our production partner in Delhi is paying ragpickers and fabricators a fair wage up to three times more than they would earn elsewhere. This supports them to create a better way of live. The plastic that is being collected, is washed, dried and separated by colour. There are no dyes or ink added in the production process. After that, the plastic is being pressed to big, flexible, strong, water-resistant sheets. These sheets are fabricated into bags and other accessories.

Because of this project more than sixty ragpickers and fabricators have a job. Look at the movie to see what Ragbag is doing for the ragpickers in New Delhi.

Lakham lives in New Delhi and he is 40 years old. He was a drug addict, uneducated and always in search for a better job. Now, he works for Rag Bag and earns about 70 dollars a month. This is almost three times more than he would earn elsewhere for the same job. He spends 30 dollars on rent for a firm house and has money left to take care of his family.