Tamil Nadu is a province in the South of India. In a small rooftop factory, bags and accessories are made of recycled tea bigbags. This packaging material is collected at tea factories. More than 20 people work for the company and earn a fair income.

Ragbag Production – Tamil Nadu. In a small village in South India, bags and accessories are produced for Ragbag.  ‘Ragpickers’ are collecting big teabags at different tea factories, restaurants and hotels. The teabags are made of strong and water-resistant material. Every tea bigbag has it’s own unique print, depending the tea company or plantation where the bag is from. Ragbag’s production partner makes trendy bags and other products of the bigbags.

Watch the movie to see how the rooftop factory works.

Ragbag Production in Tamil Nadu. The women are washing and cutting the material and the man are sewing it into bags. There are about 15 women and 5 man working in the factory. Many more ragpickers are working for them to collect the tea bigbags.