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Our Ragbag collection is made from recycled big-bags collected by ‘ragpickers’ from tea plantations in the south of India. Each bag has a unique print.

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Ragbag production

Sustainable bags for a fair price

Ragbag is an example of sustainable international cooperation, working on the basis of equality and respect for each other’s cultural background. At Ragbag we believe in the power of creativity, sustainability and fair trade. Our unique creations are made by a group of women and men in Tamil Nadu in the south of India. We pay a fair price, so they can work comfortably and earn a good income.

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Ragbag – From rags to bags

The heart of Ragbag’s production lies in Tamil Nadu in the south of India. Here ‘rag pickers’ collect large tea bags, also called ‘big-bags’, from various tea factories, restaurants and hotels. In our workshop, a permanent group of 12 women wash and cut the material, while the men assemble the bags on the sewing machines with care and precision.

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