Our production

From rags to bags

production: collecting the teabags

In the south of India, a lot of tea is produced on large tea plantations in the green hills of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The tealeaves are transported in ‘big bags’ from the plantations to the different tea factories. Our ragpickers collect these used teabags at the factories, to prevent them from ending up in landfill.

Production: washing and cutting

In a small village in Tamil Nadu, 300 kilometers south of Chennai, Ragbag comes to life with a motivated team of makers. The tea bags are washed and expertly cut into patterns by a group of women. The parts of the bag are then put together.

Production: sewing the bags

A few experienced men take care of the sewing of the bags. Assembling the bags is precision work that requires many years of experience. Each bag undergoes a quality check and is labeled and packaged for shipment.

The team

This project is an example of sustainable international cooperation, working on the basis of equality and respect for each other’s cultural background. Ragbag products tell a positive message that inspires people to work towards a better future.

This special team consists of approximately twenty people, who work with pride and dedication and thus earn a fair income for themselves and their families.


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